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Georges Laraque: “I would have given Harris and a first-round pick to Cutter Gauthier”.

There are links between Cutter Gauthier and the Habs, because it’s been reported that the Flyers offered him to the Habs for the fifth overall pick in the last draft .

Would you have done so if you were Kent Hughes?

Sure, the idea of getting your hands on a natural goal scorer like him is interesting, but at the same time… The Habs also had the opportunity to draft a good forward if they hadn’t set their sights on David Reinbacher.

I have a feeling we’d have really questioned the move, if it had actually happened.

Just for fun, Georges Laraque and Tony Marinaro (Sick Podcast) put together a deal that might have interested the Flyers for the young forward who is now a member of the Ducks organization.

Georges spoke briefly about Reinbacher, but also about Jordan Harris:

I would have given Harris, who’s been playing really well since his return to the game, and a first-round pick. – Georges Laraque

The former NHL colossus defends his point by saying that Harris is destined for a great NHL career because he’s a reliable player on the ice, much like Josh Georges was when he played in Montreal:

The Habs find themselves with a surplus of defensemen on the left, and it’s true that Kent Hughes could have taken advantage of this to dance with Daniel Brière.

But the Habs GM seems more inclined to get his hands on a talented young player who has already proven himself in the National League.

Kent Hughes likes his assets, and I don’t think he would have given up a first-round pick without a guarantee that Gauthier would become a good NHL player.

Still, it’s an interesting idea, because the Habs need to add goals to their attack if they want to have a chance to be dominant before too long.

That said, with everything we’ve learned about Cutter Gauthier’s attitude… I find it hard to believe that the marriage would have been perfect with the Habs and the media jungle in Montreal.

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