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Gustav Lindström called for waivers by Anaheim

We’re still waiting to see if any NHL teams will take a chance on Gustav Lindström in the waivers.

The idea makes sense when you consider that we’re talking about a second-round pick (2017) who’s been slow to make his mark in the NHL… But the idea especially makes sense when you consider that we’re talking about a right-shooting defenseman with experience in the National League.

All this to say that we now know the fate that awaits him: Lindström has been claimed by the Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks, in fact… have just replaced Jamie Drysdale with Gustav Lindström. Still, it’s ironic.

This is bad news for the Habs, because right now, there are injuries in Laval.

Logan Mailloux is the only right-handed defenseman on Jean-François Houle’s roster because we learned earlier this morning that Brady Keeper will be sidelined for three months .

Will Kent Hughes be looking for reinforcements in the next few days? If not, it would be a shame for the Rocket, because they’re having a great time and are only one playoff spot away in the AHL.

But back to Lindström.

The Ducks are sitting at 29th overall in the NHL standings, which means they were one of the first clubs to talk about the right-handed defenseman.

How many clubs wanted him if one of the first clubs who could take him took him? It begs the question.

Basically, the Habs aren’t losing the savior of their season, and they’re not losing the man who will bring the next Cup to Montreal. But it’s the injury situation in Laval and the fact that he’s right-handed that are having a negative impact on the Habs right now.


Lindström’s stay in Montreal hasn’t been very long.

He was acquired on August 15 from the Red Wings in the Jeff Petry trade and has played just 14 games with the Habs.

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