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Cutter Gauthier liked a video of Sean Avery criticizing the Flyers

Cutter Gauthier, recently traded to the Anaheim Ducks, admitted he didn’t want to play for the Philadelphia Flyers.

There’s already a resemblance to the case of Eric Lindros, who requested a trade because he didn’t want to play for the Quebec Nordiques and was traded to the Flyers.

This time, it’s the other way around. But why did he ask for a trade? After all, the Flyers are an excellent hockey franchise.

We know that Flyers head coach John Tortorella is often criticized for all sorts of reasons, despite the fact that he remains an excellent coach. He wouldn’t have a job in the NHL if he were that bad.

He definitely brings character and discipline to a dressing room.

However, Tortorella would be one of the main reasons why Gauthier didn’t want to play for the Flyers.

In fact, Gauthier liked a video of Sean Avery criticizing the Flyers organization, John Tortorella and even Daniel Brière’s son.

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“Maybe Gauthier doesn’t like Daniel Brière’s son, because he threw a disabled person’s wheelchair down the stairs. Maybe he doesn’t like John Tortorella, for a multitude of reasons.” – Sean Avery

Seen this way, it sounds pretty goofy, but on the latest episode of the Sortie de zone podcast, Antoine Roussel confirmed that Gauthier’s agent had a big influence in the decision to ask for a trade.

Roussel reports from very reliable sources that Gauthier’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, believes Tortorella is not the best coach for his client’s development.

“Gauthier’s agent had a big influence on this decision. It would have meant that Gauthier wouldn’t have wanted to sign there. Why wouldn’t he? Probably because the coach in charge of the team wasn’t right for his development.” – Antoine Roussel

I invite you to listen to the podcast episode, it’s well worth it.

Roussel also adds that Gauthier is now labelling himself a difficult player, because he doesn’t like the coach or finds him too strict, etc. He’s not the first player to do this. He’s not the first player to criticize a coach, especially not Torts.

He does want to point out, however, that the NHL’s new generation has changed, and most coaches are noticing this type of player and will adopt a different approach with them.

“This generation is a little more stubborn, but they know what they want. – Antoine Roussel

In the latest episode of The Sick Podcast, Pierre McGuire spoke with Gauthier’s coach at Boston College. McGuire says he’s never had a problem with Gauthier.

So maybe Gauthier isn’t the bad guy here. He simply listened to his agent and probably discussed with those around him what would be the best decision for his development.


– Interesting. With the Habs’ surplus on the left side of defense, this trade should be made. The fact that Trevor Zegras and Cole Caufield are good friends, as well as the lack of punch up front, make this an easy decision.

– I agree.

– His new contract of $11.5 million a year is well deserved. I’m very happy to have him in my pool this year.

– Wow! Definitely a great contract.

– Jared McCann plays on the fourth line, despite leading his team in goals.

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