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It’s not just in Montreal where it was Reinbacher before Michkov

There was a lot of talk in Montreal that the Canadiens shouldn’t have selected David Reinbacher 5th overall in the 2023 draft.

I have to say that I was one of those fans in the beginning, because even if Matvei Michkov wasn’t a logical choice, there were still some very good prospects up front. It was really the lack of attacking punch that made me regret the choice of the Austrian.

Anyway, now in 2024, it wasn’t a bad choice to choose the best defender of the crop, not to mention the fact that he’s right-handed, which strengthens that side of the defense.

Also, right-handed defensemen on the market are rare and expensive to acquire in a trade.

With the recent trade of Philadelphia Flyers top prospectCutter Gauthier, several reports followed, including the Flyers’ interest in Reinbacher at the last draft.

It became known that Gauthier had been offered to the Tricolore for the 5th overall pick, an offer that Kent Hughes turned down.

The Nashville Predators also wanted to move up in the draft rankings, as they wanted to draft Reinbacher. In the end, it didn’t happen.

Finally, after the draft, we also learned that the Arizona Coyotes, who were drafting 6th, would undoubtedly have selected the Austrian if he were still available. Too little too late.

All these teams, including the Habs, would have/have chosen Reinbacher before the infamous Michkov.

Yet many fans, including me, were absolutely disappointed with the choice of the Sainte-Flanelle GM.

In hindsight, I totally understand Kent Hughes’ choice. We now have an excellent defensive prospect on our hands, who fills a certain gap on the right side.

What’s more, as we know, there’s no guarantee that Michkov will rejoin the NHL at the end of his KHL contract, which expires in 2026. All this, coupled with the attitude problems for which he has been criticized.

The 19-year-old is playing with more confidence, but more importantly, he’s dealing better with the pressure of being drafted 5th overall. The change of coach must have something to do with it.

Even though the defenseman is playing fewer minutes per game with his new coach, he still seems to be playing more efficiently. Lately, he’s been playing his best hockey with EHC Kloten.

What do you think of Kent Hughes’ choice at the last draft? Would you have chosen a forward other than Michkov?

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