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According to Elliotte Friedman, Cutter Gauthier didn’t take kindly to a particular decision by the Flyers.
The story surrounding the Cutter Gauthier trade has been the talk of the town since last night.

Above all, it is the young man’s attitude that is being questioned. Reportedly, Gauthier told the Flyers at the 2022 draft that he could see himself playing for the club… And then simply changed his tune, telling the Philadelphia organization that he would never wear the team’s colors.

Last November, John LeClair and Patrick Sharp even went to visit him in Boston, where he plays in the NCAA. And the young man had the nerve to refuse to talk to the club’s scouts, as we discover in an article in The Athletic:

But what made Gauthier change his mind so abruptly?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind right now, and Elliotte Friedman has his own theory.

According to the Sportsnet tipster, Gauthier was ready to sign his contract with the Flyers after his 2022-23 NCAA season (his first), but the club refused to grant him a contract because they didn’t want an excess bonus for the 2023-24 season.

Gauthier would have taken it badly, even if the Flyers made their decision without in any way wanting to offend him… And that’s what would have led to the whole saga we know today.

It’s still a weird story.

It’s also worth noting that there have been rumours that it was Kevin Hayes who prompted Gauthier to act this way.

Hayes left Philly on bad terms this summer, and we know that his relationship with John Tortorella was really ordinary, so there’s a logical background to all this…

But the Blues player has spoken out to say it’s all “bullshit”.

The whole thing took on huge proportions in the last few hours, as Flyers fans hurled insults at Hayes, thinking he’d just cost them a good prospect.

The veteran even received death threats… And claims that some people laughed at the death of his brother Jimmy, which occurred in the summer of 2021.

It’s really disgusting.

People are happy my brother’s dead. I think it’s crazy that someone would say something like that. Honestly, I heard it and started laughing. Who am I to influence a kid’s decision to play for an NHL team? – Kevin Hayes

We’ll probably never know what really went through Cutter Gauthier’s mind to make him decide to give up on the Flyers.

But with what we’re hearing right now, it’s the young man’s image that’s taking a hit. But he should have done the right thing and done it the right way.


– I like the concept.

– I’m surprised to see John Marino’s name on the list.

– A fine line-up for the Flames captain.

– Heavy loss for the Raptors.

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