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Brendan Gallagher: no goals since November 11

Things haven’t been going so well for the Montreal Canadiens since the holiday break.

After posting eight points out of a possible ten in the five games before Christmas, the Habs have been on a tear since their return to action.

The Tricolore has lost four of its five games since returning from the holiday break.

What’s more, the Habs have scored 23 goals against and only 12 goals for during this five-game stretch.

As a result, Martin St-Louis’ team has allowed almost twice as many goals as it has scored.

In short, things haven’t been going well for the Habs since the holidays, especially offensively, as the latest statistic shows.

The Habs have been struggling to score goals in virtually every one of these games.

Lately, if the offensive production isn’t coming from the top three or the defensemen, the Habs aren’t generating much of anything.

This is in stark contrast to the start of the season, when virtually every trio found a way to stand out.

We all remember the efficiency of the trio of Brendan Gallagher, Sean Monahan and Tanner Pearson at the start of the season.

Well, that efficiency eventually disappeared completely, and since then, all three have been pretty quiet, if not completely out of action.

In Gallagher’s case, his help would be much appreciated offensively right now, given that he hasn’t scored since November 11th against the Boston Bruins.

At the time, things were going well for Gallagher, who was being hailed as one of the season’s surprise packages.

Since then, it’s been 24 games without a goal, which is a pretty embarrassing sequence for the Habs’ number 11.

Gally is no longer producing, and this must be seriously bothering him, given that things finally seemed to be going well for him at the start of the campaign.

Clearly, the Habs’ many injuries haven’t helped Gallagher regain his consistency, as his linemates have changed frequently in recent weeks.

Still, Gallagher isn’t playing as well as he used to, even though he’s still giving 110% every time he plays.

I think one of the main reasons why Gallagher’s dry spell hasn’t been highlighted more in the media or by fans in general is that Gallagher is very noticeable in every Habs game.

He tries things, he works like a madman, and he creates great situations by rushing the net as he knows so well how.

You could say it’s just bad luck for Gallagher, but I also think that age and a battered body are catching up with Gally again.

He’s got the same aplomb and energy we’ve come to know him for, but his body just doesn’t keep up as well as it used to.

It’s a shame for Gallagher that he’s going through such a sequence at the moment, when he finally seemed to be back in top form.

His 12 points (five goals and seven assists) in 38 games are clearly not enough for a player who earns $6.5 million a year, but at the same time it’s hard to blame Gally for that since he’s been underpaid for so many years.

Anyway, at least we can take heart from the fact that Gallagher still hasn’t missed a game this season.

He may be somewhat injured, knowing Gallagher, but that’s not serious enough to prevent him from playing.

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