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Canadiens: good luck to those who want (affordable) tickets tonight

Tonight, the Canadiens take on the Buffalo Sabres. We’re talking about a clash between two clubs that aren’t in the playoffs.

If you want to take the value out of the match-up, you could even say that the Sabres, who aren’t a “sexy” club for Montreal fans and who don’t have a notorious rivalry with the Habs, are below the Habs in the standings.

In short, on paper, it’s not the duel of the year.

But if you don’t already have your tickets for the event, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them at a price that won’t make you regret buying Christmas presents for your loved ones.

In the last few minutes, I’ve been scouring resale sites (for investigative purposes) to see just how hard it is to find affordable tickets for tonight’s game.

And even though I’m at the last minute, let’s just say it’s expensive.

If you look on Ticket Master, which is the NHL’s official partner, it’s impossible to find a ticket for less than $200. We’re talking here about a ticket – not a pair of tickets – in the prestigious section 417.

(Credit: Ticket Master)

At the time of writing, on StubHub, the cheapest ticket is $211 in 417.

For those who don’t want to pay $200 a ticket, is a little cheaper for the most “affordable” ticket, at $173 for 414. As for Seat Geek, we’re talking $193 in 417.

Remember that we’re talking about a single ticket, not a pair of tickets.

Of course, that doesn’t include travel, parking, childcare if necessary, food, beverages and a boutique sweater. All that for one Thursday night against the Sabres.

Of course, the fact that the Habs were on the road over the holidays (the last home game was on December 16, against the Islanders) is a factor. It’s been a long time since hockey was played at the Montreal Temple. But still…

The Habs made money over the holidays with the Bell Centre, and now prices are high when the Habs return. Those who want to go to tonight’s game had better reconsider.

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