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Josh Anderson didn’t finish the game: it looks serious

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Dr. Harjas Grewal. We’re talking about a family doctor who, a few years ago, decided to tweet about sports injuries to give his specialist perspective.

Naturally, the man who is also a consultant for The Fantasy Doctors, which provides injury updates for poolers, brings with him an expertise not always found elsewhere.

Doctors who do this are rare.

Yesterday, Dr. Grewal decided to comment on Josh Anderson’s injury. The Habs player, who left Tuesday’s game against the Stars, may not be able to avoid the worst.

Why not? Because the doc talked potentially about an ACL injury, an injury that can take, in reality, at least six months to heal.

Please note: he didn’t say that this is definitely what the player has. What he did say is that it’s one of the theories to be raised in light of his injury over the last few days.

The fact that he wasn’t examined and that he saw the footage while wearing his equipment are factors to consider.

Perhaps it’s the medial collateral ligament or the meniscus (four months’ absence in the event of surgery) that’s affected. And let’s not underestimate the possibility of a bone contusion.

These are not reassuring signs.

Of course, let’s wait and see before we start breaking things down. Perhaps the Habs, who are expected to give an update this morning on the sidelines of training (which takes place at 10:30 a.m.), will indicate something else after examining him.

But I’d like to tell you not to hold your breath too long: expect the Habs to have to dip into the Laval Rocket to compensate for him and/or Christian Dvorak, who is also injured.

In gusto

– Of note.

– Indeed.

– Really?

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