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CMJ: bickering between Stéphane Leroux and Jean-Charles Lajoie on X

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of talk about Team Canada Junior losing to the Czech Republic. After all, not reaching the semi-finals of the tournament is a disappointment.

Canada’s young players felt it too, as they were the victims of comments on social networks.

That said, there’s a difference between saying that the 2023-2024 edition didn’t live up to expectations and saying that hockey no longer belongs to Canada. I’m referring to Jean-Charles Lajoie’s tweet.

The problem I see with the tweet is that the big assertions at the beginning overshadow some phrases that are true.

It’s true, for example, that the development of young hockey players in this country is controversial. And it’s also true that Hockey Canada officials have already turned a blind eye.

But to say that Canada was the victim of a resounding failure by losing to the Czechs has not gone down well with the public. Nor does saying that the sport no longer belongs to us.

After all, it’s only one edition (a very inexperienced one, at that) and we have to keep things in perspective.

Clearly, Stéphane Leroux was one of those who didn’t appreciate the TVA Sports host’s comments. Seeing the words “program failure” and “this sport no longer belongs to us” didn’t make the RDS journalist happy.

So he (indirectly) responded to Lajoie by mentioning that anything can happen during a match. Leroux also pointed out that several quality players, including Connor Bedard, were missing during the tournament, and that Canada usually performs well at the tournament.

Afterwards, JiC (indirectly) retorted by saying that he appreciated comments aimed at debating in the right way. He then went on to remind those giving lessons to “lower your head on the stairs” so as not to miss a step.

He also recommended that Leroux (whom he did not name directly) take the time to say hello to people in the audience when he meets them.

When we say that hockey attracts passions in Canada, it’s a good proof. And in this case, we’re not even talking about the Habs, we’re talking about junior hockey.

We’ll see what happens next year for Canada.

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