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Paul Bissonnette put on a show yesterday at the Winter Classic
Paul Bissonnette is quite a character.

He reminds me a lot of P.K. Subban. We’re talking about two former NHL players who are now present in the media world…

But above all, we’re talking about two guys who aren’t afraid to go crazy in front of the cameras. For better or for worse!

The man nicknamed “Biz” put on a show at yesterday’s Winter Classic, featuring the Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken. What did he do this time?

Well, he got into it with the Kraken’s mascot and smacked him (in jest, of course) live on TNT television.

It should be understood for context that there’s a history between Bissonnette and the Kraken mascot. The former player called her “ugly” back in October, and it was time for Buoy (the Kraken mascot) to get even:

Bissonnette and the Kraken mascot, two people not to invite to the same party… Hehe.

On a more serious note, I personally think the NHL wins with this kind of stunt. It’s often said that the league needs to find ways to better promote hockey, and this is catchy.

Above all, it allows us to reach a younger target audience, and that’s important too. It’s good for the sport’s visibility, at least.

We can expect a second fight, by the way.

Buoy (the Kraken mascot) took to X after the feud to announce that “things aren’t over yet”.

That’s fair enough.

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