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Brian Wilde raises the idea of trading David Reinbacher in the next draft

If David Reinbacher was selected fifth overall in the 2022 draft, it means he’s a good prospect with good potential.

He’s been described as a good two-way defenseman who’s responsible in his zone and capable of getting forward… And the fact that he throws from the right probably played a big role in the decision of Kent Hughes and his assistants.

Because we all know how rare elite right-handed defensemen are in the NHL. They’re hard to come by, and the Habs see Reinbacher as the kind of player who’s sought after in every corner of the National League.

But in Montreal, there’s a certain congestion on defense. The Habs have several good young players on the blue line (Struble, Harris, Xhekaj, Hutson, Mailloux, Guhle, Reinbacher, Engström, Barron)… And they won’t all be able to play in Montreal.

A transaction is necessary, and it’s only a matter of time before we see Kent Hughes move. We also know that the Habs are in desperate need of natural offensive talent, and it’s with this in mind that Brian Wilde raises the idea of trading David Reinbacher at the next draft to get his hands on an offensive player.

He understands that Reinbacher is a good prospect, but sometimes you have to pay big to get big:

I don’t hate his point of view.

The Habs may have the services of Cole Caufield, a proven NHL goal scorer, but they still need to find a way to score more goals if they want to give themselves the best chance of winning night after night.

The team is rebuilding, but still finds itself 28th in the league in goals scored so far this season, and that trend will have to change before long, or we’ll never move forward.

Kent Hughes needs to find the right offensive player to fuel the Habs’ attack. We’ve been saying that for a long time, and it’s even truer now that the season has started, because we realize that Caufield can’t do it all alone.

But at the end of the day, I’m a little less convinced because Reinbacher is right-handed and because the Habs aren’t rich in right-handed defensemen right now. Reinbacher has the potential to be one of the NHL’s good defensemen for many years to come, and the Habs already have him in their hands.

If the Habs are looking for an offensive player… All they have to do is draft one in the next round. Kent Hughes should have the opportunity to get a good pick, and with the surplus of picks and prospects he has, there will be a way to move up if necessary.

At least, I’d find it crazy to trade such a high pick when we haven’t even seen what he’s got yet.

It screams Mikhail Sergashev vs Jonathan Drouin and Ryan McDonagh vs Scott Gomez… And that scares me.

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