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RUMOR: Elias Pettersson wants to join Connor Bedard in Chicago
The world of sport is one that, like many others, thrives largely on rumors, no matter what they concern.

People love speculation, and so rumors are becoming more and more common in the world of sport, as they are what attract fans.

However, it’s very important to filter these rumours carefully, because not all of them are credible, far from it. You have to know how to pick them, especially depending on where they come from.

In hockey, there are always new rumours circulating throughout the National Hockey League, whether true or false.

They attract a great deal of attention from fans, especially when they concern high-profile star players.

Well, that’s exactly what happened recently with a star player rumor, when the name of one of the NHL’s top scorers, Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson, was linked to Connor Bedard and the Chicago Blackhawks.

You’re probably wondering where this rumor comes from.

Well, it comes from former NHL player Matt Murley on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.

Murley explains that, based on what he’s heard, we shouldn’t be surprised if Elias Pettersson tries to join Connor Bedard and the Chicago Blackhawks next year.

William Nylander’s name was also linked to the Blackhawks in this podcast rumor segment.

Anyway, getting back to Pettersson, it’s a rumor that may seem absurd at first glance considering that one of the reasons the Swedish forward is reluctant to re-sign with the Canucks is that he wants to win.

So why would he join the Blackhawks, one of the NHL’s worst teams?

It was a pretty crazy rumor that seemed to be thrown out into the void just like that, but reputable whistleblower Elliotte Friedman didn’t deny it.

Indeed, Friedman explained that Murley wasn’t an idiot given that many people talk to him and that he receives a lot of information, but that all the same, what he reported on Pettersson was rather premature.

In short, the Pettersson saga continues, with the 25-year-old star player still without a contract for next season.

Contract extension talks with the Vancouver Canucks are at a standstill, which may be worrying for Canucks fans.

Pettersson is certainly asking for more than $11 million on his next contract, and rightly so.

A 100-point player at the age of 25 has to be paid for.

The Canucks’ number 40 will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, and could therefore receive hostile offers if he hasn’t yet been put under contract by the Canucks.

It would really be a huge loss/gaffe for the Canucks not to find a way to agree on a contract extension with Pettersson.

So it’s an issue that remains to be followed very closely.

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