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English-only video: Montreal women’s team heavily criticized
As we all know, the French language is of paramount importance in Quebec, in all spheres of society.

French is very important, and must take precedence over English, as the official language of Quebec is French.

However, English is also very present in Quebec society, especially in Montreal, and this can lead to major debates in the public arena.

If we focus solely on the world of sport, well, in Montreal, in general, French is well represented and well promoted, even if it’s not always perfect.

Sports teams promote French, and players seem to understand the importance of Quebec’s official language to the many French-speaking fans.

Several players, including two of the most important(Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki), are learning French.

All in all, the Habs are doing a good job with the French language, especially when you consider what Montreal’s new women’s team is currently doing.

Indeed, the LPHF team seems to be paying far less attention to promoting the French language, as evidenced by the team’s recent promotional video.

The 45-second video is in English only.

Needless to say, it’s been met with strong reactions and criticism.

This video, published on the team’s Facebook account, is available in a single version, and therefore in English only.

At the very bottom of the screen, French subtitles translate the words of head coach Kory Cheverie.

Obviously, this video has received a lot of criticism on social networks, given that it doesn’t put the French language forward in any way, when in fact this team is the Montreal team, and therefore the team representing Quebec in this brand-new professional women’s hockey league.

The tweets from the Fondation Équipe-Québec account speak volumes about how this English-only video is being received.

Radio host Patrick Marsolais added.

In short, this video was really badly received by the French-speaking public, which puts a stain on the record of the new Montreal women’s team, whose captain is Marie-Phillip Poulin as of last night.

To find out more, here’s the TVA Sports article, which gives you access to the TVA Nouvelles report, where you can hear what some of the public had to say.

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