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Landon DuPont: 14-year-old defenseman produces at the same pace as Connor Bedard

There’s a lot of talk about Connor Bedard as the NHL’s new phenom, and with good reason.

The 18-year-old sensation is carrying the Chicago Blackhawks on his back in his rookie year with 32 points in 34 games.

Scouts always try to find THE gem of every draft, but talent on the level of Connor Bedard or Connor McDavid is rare, very rare.

The next prodigy has already been found, and he’s only 14 years old.

His name is Landon Dupont and he plays in the CSSHL’s U18 Western Canadian Development League.

Connor Bedard also played in the CSSHL’s U18 at age 14, and completely dominated the league with 84 points in 36 games.

Absolutely ridiculous that a 14-year-old should produce at a rate of 2.33 points per game in an U18 league.

Well, sit back, because DuPont, who is a defenseman, produces almost as much as Bedard at the same age in this league.

In 16 games, the right-handed defenseman collected 33 points, including 13 goals.

That gives him an average of 2.06 points per game, not too far off Bedard’s.

Obviously, he’s his team’s top scorer, but he also has an 11-point lead over his nearest pursuer. ELEVEN.

His coach, James Poole, compares him to none other than Cale Makar, so dominant is he.

“I think his skating is the first thing you notice. He reads the game faster than anyone else. Cale Makar comes to mind when I think of how much the game revolves around him.” – James Poole

In addition to his outstanding skating and vision mentioned by his coach, I’ve personally noticed that he loves to use his inbound shot on the power play.

Also, even though he’s by far the best player on his team, he doesn’t hesitate to use his teammates.

Not only did Poole make the bold comparison with Makar, but he saw Bedard play at the same age and believes that DuPont is the best at this age.

From what the coach reports, he’s undoubtedly a superstar in the making and insisted that he’s the best 14-year-old he’s seen.

Not surprising from Poole, seeing what he’s achieved this season.

There’s no need to panic, as he won’t be drafted until 2027, and everything can change between now and then.

But let’s just say that the youngster is off to a great start in his hockey career with such dominance.

In gusto

– What a save!

– We love to see it.

– This would be a great acquisition.

– An impressive statistic, to say the least.

– The Ovi train is back.

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