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Adam Engstrom may have to change his nickname if he wants to play in Montreal
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One might say that the title is a tad far-fetched. However, it’s not too far from the truth, as Montreal Canadiens prospect Adam Engstrom has a nickname that could scare the Habs.

In this regard, RDS writer Nicolas Landry believes that the young offensive defenseman will have to move away from his “Showtime” nickname if he wants to land in Montreal sooner rather than later.

The nickname sticks to her because some teammates have taken to nicknaming her because of her dynamism in possession of the disc. In true Quebecois style, the 20-year-old Swede, selected 92nd in 2022, is very flashy.

Max Bohlin, assistant coach of Rögle BK, the team Engstrom is currently playing for, must calm Showtime‘s ardor.

Here’s what Bohlin had to say about his young protégé:

“Last season, he was very flashy. His good moves put him in the spotlight. A teammate started calling him Showtime. I want him to live up to that nickname, but in the offensive zone and only when the right opportunity presents itself. Once or twice a game, he can do the little tricks you see on Youtube. I don’t want him to lose that. But I want him to understand that this is only a tiny percentage of what will get him to the NHL. To help a team there, his pockets will have to be filled with lots of other little attributes.” – Bohlin

One former Tricolore player, Brandon Davidson, finds himself in the same line-up as Engstrom, and he was quick to praise his electrifying young teammate.

“He can do that four or five times in a game and it works all the time. This kid’s got potential. Look at him skate tonight, he can turn on a dime. There’s a little something that says ‘NHL’ when you look at him.” – Davidson

In short, Landry offered a highly interesting report on the man who has 12 points in 28 games in his second season with Rögle BK.

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