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Bob Hartley sends a strong message to St-Louis and Pezzetta
Credit: YouTube
At lunchtime, my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook posted a reminder of the importance of bringing back Arber Xhekaj to give Justin Barron, who has been on a tear lately, a little rest.

This call comes on the heels of Stefan Noesen’s hard-hitting check on Juraj Slafkovsky, when no teammate came to his defense. The only player who tried to brazen it out as soon as the check was completed was Cole Caufield. Is it normal for the smallest player to do this? NO!!!

With the Sheriff in uniform, things would have gone differently, believe me!

OK! In the absence of No. 72, there’s only one other player who can come in and stick his snout in the poop, and that’s Michael Pezzetta. Pezz is far from being endowed with the strength of the Sheriff, but he’s capable of taking it and giving it. He’s capable of disturbing the peace and playing hockey on the edge of legality.

Bob Hartley spoke out on the subject via BPM Sports, and his message was very strong.

Good old Bob really doesn’t understand why Pezzetta wasn’t on the ice following the check on Slaf. As he keenly pointed out, the only guy in the line-up who can drop the mitts and shuffle is Pezz.

Hartley even suggested that Pezzetta stop trying to play hockey and do what he does best, which is stirring up trouble. That’s how he got his NHL job, so let him go back to who he was.

And when Pezz returned to the ice a few minutes later, why didn’t he stir the pot a bit? You know, to send a message for the next game… No. Nope. Nada.

Conclusion: let’s call the Sheriff back!

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