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CMJ: Owen Beck gets an “A” on his jersey

The World Junior Hockey Championship kicks off tomorrow morning. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

It’s always the same story, by the way. At this time of year, we forget a little – and I do mean a little – about the Canadiens’ performance to focus on the Canadian team, which also deserves the fans’ attention.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Owen Beck in Montreal, because he’s a Tricolore prospect. Beck is the only “veteran” to return this year, and he’ll have a big role to play in the line-up, which is made up of several talented players.

Note that Canada has named Beck assistant to the captain (Fraser Minten), which is a nice gesture of recognition for the center.

Maveric Lamoureux, Matthew Poitras and Matthew Savoie complete the group of assistants:

Clearly, the coaching staff likes Beck’s leadership qualities.

And I’m sure Kent Hughes, who drafted him at the very beginning of the second round in 2022 (33rd overall), smiled a little when he saw the news.

We haven’t had a chance to get to know him much in Montreal yet, but I wonder what kind of leader he is.

Is he vocal in the bedroom or on the bench? Or does he lead the group with his constant effort on the ice?

One thing’s for sure: Canada kicks off its tournament tomorrow morning at 8:30.

For the occasion, the Maple Leafs will face Finland. That’s a promise!

Lane Hutson and Filip Mesar will also be wearing the “A” on their respective jerseys during the tournament.

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