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Kent Hughes is the only one who could challenge Caufield and Suzuki
Martin St-Louis and his cohorts will need more offense from their flock if they are to keep their heads (a few inches) above water.

The Caufield-Suzuki duo will certainly have to give more, but on the other hand, Kent Hughes will have to help his coach by finding reinforcements. If the blue-white-and-red team is to move up to a second level, it’s going to take more than just No. 22 and No. 14. What’s more, if Caufield and Suzuki are challenged, they’ll be able to step on the gas a little.

However, we have to admit one crucial fact: Suzuki is aware that he has to offer more… and we can imagine that Caufield does too. Both young men are exceedingly intelligent, and both are concerned about their team’s success. And let’s not forget that Caufield is very young and is learning to be a man too.

That said, Hughes will need to pull at least one rabbit out of his hat to stick a hint of raw talent into his clan. Then, if he wishes to fulfill such a desire, he’ll have no choice but to turn to free agents next summer.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a single Montreal Canadiens forward with superstar potential. We all love Joshua Roy, for example, but we’re not talking about Nikita Kucherov or Nathan MacKinnon here.

In my opinion, the most logical option is to bet everything on William Nylander when the time comes. With a player of this calibre on your roster, the Canadiens’ face would become instantly radiant. The Swede is in the midst of the best campaign of his career, and could reach the hundred mark.

So far, he has 41 points in 29 games, following seasons of 80 and 87 points respectively.

Nylander is probably worth around $11 million, so Hughes will have to be creative if he wants to challenge his star duo.


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