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Rumor sends Sean Monahan to Colorado

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Rumor sends Sean Monahan to Colorado

Sean Monahan could leave the Montreal Canadiens at the March 8 trade deadline, or he could stay with the team by signing a new two- or three-year pact ($4 million annually?). The question on everyone’s lips right now is: what will the Habs do with their veteran center?

Incidentally, the latest rumour is that number 91 is headed to the Colorado Avalanche, who are targeting a second center in order to complete a major deal with his potential dance partner, in this case, Kent Hughes.

Everyone has their own opinion about Monahan. For example, I’d keep him in the group for the rest of the story, since he fits in perfectly with the culture. He’s part of the identity Martin St-Louis wants to establish, especially as it takes big brothers to surround the youth.

Tony Marinaro agrees, sharing his views on the subject on BPM Sports, as well as on his platform, the Sick Podcast. If Marinaro were in the Montreal GM’s shoes, he’d give Sean Monahan a three-year deal.

Tony believes the total contract would be between $12 and $13 million.

It’s worth noting that Monahan’s season can be divided into two phases: either consistent offensive performance, or seven- or eight-game losing streaks.

So far, the 91-year-old has 19 offensive points, including nine goals, in 31 games. His nine goals put him at the top of this category for the Tricolore. Yes, he has one more goal than Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki.

Except for this. If Kirby Dach returns to full health next season and establishes himself at center, Monahan will have to be paid like a bottom-6 center. Is he ready to accept such a role? Well, that was his role at the start of the season… although he’s pocketing a third-pivot salary this year, so he can’t/couldn’t complain!

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