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Chantal Machabée made a powerful statement about habs
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The words “playoffs” are starting to circulate in a few places in Quebec, including inside a text written by the Godfather, Réjean Tremblay.

The Montreal Canadiens’ Vice-President of Hockey Communications, Chantal Machabée, also seems to be taming this discourse more and more. In her opinion, thanks to the current fun and natural team chemistry, the Tricolore could surprise a lot of people this year.

“It’s a great gang of guys. We have fun. I’m telling you: we could surprise a lot of people.” – Chantal Machabée

Could the blue-white-red make an impression? In life, I’ve been taught that nothing is impossible. Except that in this case, due to the cruel lack of raw talent, I have my doubts about making an impression.

Whatever my opinion of Chantal’s powerful words, what’s important to me is the band’s attitude, and this facet seems impeccable. One example of this is the players’ reaction to Josh Anderson’s double.

“When Josh Anderson was named first star and received a standing ovation, I always waited for the player to take him to the dressing room. The players could hear that ovation. And when Josh went into the locker room, he got a standing ovation inside the locker room. And it was so beautiful. My eyes were in the water.” – Machabée

Getting back to believing in the Habs’ strengths guiding them to the playoffs, it’s completely normal and legitimate. The players who make up a team couldn’t care less about the lack of talent or the absence of important elements. For them, what matters is the ranking. I imagine there’s one in the dressing room this year?

What’s important in the dressing room is that we (the Canadiens) are only four points away from a playoff spot after 31 games. But let’s not forget that, after the holiday season, the kids are separated from the men as the game moves to another level.

In short, it never hurts to dream, right?

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