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The reality about Patrick Roy

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The reality about Patrick Roy
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Here in the province of Quebec, when a head coaching vacancy arises in the National Hockey League, Patrick Roy’s name immediately rises to the top of the list. It’s the same because it’s the same and it’s right!

At the time of writing, the position of chief pilot is vacant with the Ottawa Senators, who are being guided on an interim basis by Jacques Martin… a 71-year-old man from a prehistoric tale.

Martin is expected to hold the reins for the remainder of the 2023-24 calendar, but as soon as it’s over, a new corporal will step in to revitalize an anemic roster. From that point on, the name making headlines across Quebec is (again) Roy Patrick.

Again, the former No. 33’s name is killing the headlines in Quebec, but elsewhere, be it the rest of Canada or the United States, his name is more likely to be at the back of the queue.

Jean-François Plante shared a tweet on the Twitter/X platform stating that hockey journalists had no regard for Patrick Roy and Benoît Groulx.

The reason Plante was so incensed was because of a column published by Frank Seravalli, who wrote a Top-5 list of potential coaches for the position that will be vacant next spring.

For Seravalli, John Gruden, Jay Woodcroft, Dean Evason, Claude Julien (no… please) and Chris Kelly are all in front of Patrick Roy’s chin and nose.

In fact, the dailyfaceoff journalist politely retorted under Plante’s publication:

“For me, JF, it’s a pure personality-matching game. Staios is a reserved guy. We don’t know yet who the next GM will be… But I have a hard time seeing Roy and Staios fitting in. Total opposites. That’s why I didn’t include him. IMO, Groulx has really focused on the people of Syracuse.”

In any case, one thing remains certain: Seravalli’s comments make perfect sense. However, Michel Bergeron is convinced that Patrick Roy is still the right man for the job, with the “support” of Jacques Martin as special assistant.

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