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Assistance program: Samuel Girard skated with his Avalanche teammates

In recent weeks (November 24, to be precise), Samuel Girard entered the NHL’s player assistance program. Anxiety and alcohol problems were at the root of the news.

Obviously, out of respect for his privacy, the details of his condition were not disclosed. That said, we were left to wonder how he was doing.

And it’s safe to assume that he’s not doing so badly, as Girard was spotted at his team’s training session this morning.

Does this mean he’ll be able to return to action soon? It’s too early to tell at this point. But it’s safe to assume that his return to the team’s entourage isn’t just for one day, let’s say.

The Avalanche, in any case, welcomed him back… much to the delight of many Colorado fans, but also of Quebec and the NHL in general, in fact.

Details to come…

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