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The Devils and Hurricanes know exactly what’s going on with the Habs’ goalies, says Renaud Lavoie

The Canadiens’ three goaltenders have been sharing the net since the very start of the season. There’s going to have to be some movement soon, as a three-goalie situation is far from ideal. Kent Hughes has to find a way to trade one of them, but nobody seems to want to.

Worst of all, many NHL teams are looking for a new backup goaltender because of bad injuries or poor performances.

Kent Hughes’ first option would have been to send Jake Allen to Carolina with the Hurricanes, while Antti Raanta performed poorly and was traded to the AHL via the lottery.

However, Carolina has other plans in mind and has decided to give a free agent a chance rather than go after the Habs’ number 34.

The idea didn’t work with Jaroslav Halak for the Hurricanes in November. If it still doesn’t work out, maybe they can start checking their options to acquire Jake Allen.

The problem is that several teams seem to know the Canadiens’ situation in front of the net, so they’re in no hurry to make a deal to acquire one of the three goaltenders. That’s what Renaud Lavoie reported on BPM Sports Monday morning.

According to Lavoie, the Devils and Hurricanes are well aware of the Canadiens’ goaltending situation, but won’t be willing to make a deal because Jake Allen isn’t interesting.

He also explains that the Habs aren’t considering a trade for Allen, even if his performances are poor. Why not? Because the organization likes the man he is and how he can set an example in the dressing room as a veteran.

Fortunately for Kent Hughes, the demand for goaltenders is extremely high throughout the NHL due to numerous injuries. Like in Los Angeles, where goaltender Phoenix Copley has just been placed on the injured list.

NHL Network’s Kevin Weekes explains that the Kings are looking for a goalie with the talent of a number three, and they don’t have much room under the salary cap. I imagine Kent Hughes might be willing to keep a good chunk of Allen’s salary to complete the deal.

Incidentally, Habsolument Fan ‘s Marco Normandin also suggested that the Habs are trying to send a goalie to Seattle, since Philipp Grubauer, like Copley, has been placed on the injured list.

And the Devils, for their part, are still in the running to acquire a goaltender who can help Vitek Vanecek and Akira Schmid, who don’t have the level to support their talented team that aspires to go far in the playoffs. Jake Allen might not be a good idea in terms of talent for New Jersey. The team would in fact be looking for an elite goaltender, like John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks.

There’s still a lot of work to be done by Kent Hughes in order to destroy the Canadiens’ ménage à trois in front of the net, but one thing’s for sure: there are plenty of options open to him with just a few months to go before the trade deadline.

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