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Josh Anderson beats a goalie for the first time in 33 games

I won’t even kid you, but before the game started, I said to myself: “I smell a Josh Anderson goal tonight”.

In the end, I was right, because believe it or not, 17 scored a goal… against a goalie.

At first glance, I thought Jake Evans had deflected the disc, but no, the goal really belongs to Anderson.

Justin Barron, who threw the puck behind his teammate, got the only assist on the play.

It was his first goal not scored in an empty net since March 13. He foiled the Avalanche’s Alexandar Georgiev. That made it 33 consecutive games without a goal for Josh Anderson. And now, to everyone’s delight, his bad streak is over.

His last two goals were scored in an empty net. A few days ago, against the Kraken, and last season, against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In 30 games (with the 30th still to come), Andy now has two goals and four assists.

Keeping him in the line-up was a good decision in the end.

UPDATE: he’s going for his second tonight.


Now let’s hope he rises from the dead, once and for all.

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