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Things are so bad for Huberdeau that the idea of leaving him out is starting to circulate.
In his first season with the Calgary Flames last year, Jonathan Huberdeau disappointed.

He disappointed because he collected 55 points in 79 games and was very inconsistent in his performances.

The Quebecer said repeatedly this summer that he was ready to face the music and was eager to get back into the action. He maintained that the change of coach would be good for him and give him more freedom on the ice.

How is the experience going so far? It’s going badly. Very bad.

Huberdeau is still struggling: he’s got 15 points so far this season (in 30 games)… And the idea of leaving him out even if he’s healthy is starting to take hold.

It’s that bad.

It’s a shame.

In reality, Jonathan Huberdeau is unrecognizable on the ice. In 2021-2022, with the Florida Panthers, he collected 115 points in 80 games…

And right now, he’s struggling to produce at a rate of one point every two games.

The Flames organization must be biting its fingers right now, by the way. Huberdeau has entered the first year of an eight-year contract he signed in August 2022, and the Flames owe him $10.5 million a year until the end of the 2030-2031 campaign.


What happens next is something to watch, because the Flames don’t have a million options. The player’s value on the trade market is clearly zero… And it would be surprising to see the team decide to buy out his contract soon, because the penalties are going to be simply enormous.

The longer this goes on, the more I wonder what the future holds for the Quebecer…

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