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Canadien: Only three wins by two goals or more this season
Tomorrow night, the New York Islanders will be in town.

At this time of year, fan interest is less important because there’s a lot going on at the same time.

Alexandre Pratt sums it up well in a recent article in La Presse:

Here we are at the low point of the season. That time of year when, between office parties, the end of school, kids’ shows, hockey tournaments and Christmas aspic preparations, we don’t really know who the Habs are up against or when. – Alexandre Pratt

Let’s just say that the team’s performance doesn’t really help the cause either.

The Habs, still rebuilding, are having trouble competing with the other NHL clubs on a consistent basis. The team’s performance often leaves something to be desired… Especially since the team isn’t capable of scoring many goals.

The proof? The Habs have won only three games this season by a margin of two goals or more.

  • 3-1 victory on October 23, against the Buffalo Sabres
  • 4-2 victory on November 29 over the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 4-2 victory on December 4 against the Seattle Kraken

In recent years, there’s a comment that often comes up when talking about the Montreal Canadiens.

“The club lacks offensive talent!”

And it’s still true today. To win games in the NHL, you have to be able to score goals… And the Habs can’t do that.

Cole Caufield needs to step up, Josh Anderson needs to give more… But it still sends a pretty clear message to Kent Hughes, for the next few years.

The club needs to look for a talented striker or strikers. I’ve got nothing against the Jesse Ylönen’s and Michael Pezzetta’s of this world, but it’s not with those players that the Habs will move forward at the end of the day.

Defensemen score, at least…


– They had to work hard.

– He’s all handsome.

– Good news.

– They’re bad.

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