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Philipp Grubauer’s injury: Kent Hughes must relaunch the Kraken

Over the past few weeks, when we’ve been talking about putting an end to the three-way battle in front of the Habs’ net, we seem to be talking a little wider.

Why is that? Because the Oilers don’t seem to be the ideal dance partners at the moment. This makes a deal involving a goalie a little more theoretical for fans.

In what sense? In the sense of “it should be done, but we’ll see when.”

But the fact remains that, one day, it will have to happen. And if it’s not done by the evening of December 19, when the transaction freeze goes into effect for the holiday season (until December 28), it’ll be done after the holidays.

We know that clubs like the Sabres and the Kraken have been talking to the Habs recently about goaltenders. And with the Kraken having suffered an injury in net since then, it’s safe to assume that their interest hasn’t waned.

Because yes, Philipp Grubauer’s absence will be counted in weeks.

Naturally, one wonders whether the Canadian and the Kraken have (re)chatted to see if a goalkeeper might be on his way to Seattle.

And inevitably, the name of Carey Price Jake Allen has to come up. As in 2021, basically? #Expansion

Because I don’t think Samuel Montembeault is an option, it’s conceivable that Cayden Primeau or Jake Allen could be discussed with a club like the Kraken.

After all, Seattle is two points out of the playoffs, and a little reinforcement in front of the net wouldn’t go amiss following Grubauer’s injury.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

The Kraken has recalled Chris Driedger from the AHL, but that shouldn’t stop Kent Hughes from calling Seattle to see if there’s a way to arrange a dance.

And that’s even if, on paper, the Habs’ bid isn’t perfect.

I know, I know: Seattle has three goalies already. Driedger, who normally plays in the AHL this season, earns $3.5m and will be a UFA this summer. Joey Daccord earns $1.2 M per year for another 18 months and Grubauer is signed long-term.

Maybe the idea of going after a Habs goalie isn’t the most interesting on paper, given that Driedger will be a UFA this summer, that he can be sent to the AHL easily and that the Habs don’t have a rental goalie. But Seattle needs a goalie…

And if Kent Hughes were to take Driedger, in the short term, it wouldn’t be bad for the Kraken. It would save salary (and who knows if the Habs might also take on another contract that will expire this summer, just to help out?) for Seattle, which would have some leeway for the deadline.

Maybe Seattle would rather take Cayden Primeau than Jake Allen, to have a goalie who’s rolling a little better this year and earning less. Maybe a third club could get involved to make it easier. Perhaps a salary restraint could come into play.

Or maybe Driedger could make his way to Montreal, which would help the Kraken… but also the Habs AND the Rocket, who would benefit from getting a veteran in front of the net.

In short, even if the bid isn’t perfect between the two teams, a phone call costs nothing, right? If there’s no call, it’s clear that the leaders can’t really get along.

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