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Jordan Kyrou: booed by his supporters, he starts crying in front of the media
Yesterday, Jordan Kyrou did something wrong. The Blues player was asked about his relationship with Craig Berube, a coach who pushed him for better or for worse.

Kyrou’s response? He’s not my coach anymore: I don’t have to talk about him. #Ouch

Understandably, his words made the rounds on the web. And it’s clear from last night’s game that St. Louis Blues fans have chosen sides on the issue.

Even though no one asked them to.

Coming to the defense of the coach who led the Blues to the Stanley Cup as recently as 2019, fans decided to boo Kyrou before the game… and during the game.

Fans didn’t mess around with the puck.

Obviously, fans have the right to boo a player, whether he’s an opponent or a home team player. That said, the player also has the right to take it badly.

In baseball, Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) was booed by Yankees fans in the playoffs during his MVP year… just a few weeks away from free agency. He was playing poorly and the fans let him know it. But that didn’t stop him from coming back.

He took it better than Francisco Lindor (New York Mets), a star player who was never booed at home when he played in Cleveland, but reacted badly when it happened to the Mets.

But hey. New York isn’t Cleveland or St. Louis, and from the outside looking in, you’d expect situations like this wouldn’t necessarily happen there. But it did.

After the Blues’ 4-2 win over the Sens, Drew Bannister’s first in St. Louis, Kyrou spoke to the media.

And when it came time to talk about the fans’ treatment of him on the sidelines, he started crying on camera. He loves the city, he loves the Blues and he wants to stay here,” he said. The fans’ reaction brought him to the ground.

Obviously, it’s sad to see a player pushed this way. We absolutely don’t disagree.

While I’m not saying his comments deserved such treatment, the fact remains that fans didn’t like seeing him hit a guy who was already on the ground. And I can understand that: it was cheap.

And although the journalist who asked him the question qualified his remarks by saying that it was the third question he’d been asked on the subject, the fact remains that what he said was… ordinary, let’s say. I’ll say it again: why hit Berube, a guy who’s already on the ground?

If Kyrou gets up and plays up to his potential in St. Louis, time will take its toll and he’ll get the applause he deserves one day. Yesterday, it was clear that the problems between Roberto Luongo and the people of Vancouver were behind us…

In a row

– Quite a sense of humor, hehe.

– Did he?

– What to do with him?

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