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Three-goalie system: Jake Allen believes it will become the NHL norm

If there’s one topic of conversation that has persisted since the start of the season with the Montreal Canadiens, it’s the ménage à trois in front of the net.

Indeed, it’s a subject that, despite everything, remains topical to this day, given that the situation has still not been resolved.

We’re still waiting for the Habs to announce the solution they’ve found so that this infernal rotation, which is clearly not ideal, between three goalkeepers comes to an end.

The three goalkeepers usually take turns, regardless of their performance, which can be frustrating for the CH goalkeepers.

One could really understand Samuel Montembeault, Jake Allen and/or Cayden Primeau complaining about the situation, especially in the case of a 33-year-old veteran like Jake Allen.

Yet the opposite is true.

Indeed, Allen doesn’t seem bothered by the ménage à trois (for what it’s worth, since he wouldn’t say out loud that he’s really frustrated).

The CH number 34 said it was a situation beyond his control, and that he was waiting for his chance to play again.

Allen is happy in Montreal, and he reiterated that fact by explaining that he wants to be here, and that the ménage à trois doesn’t change that.

“It’s something that’s completely beyond my control. I’m a goalie for the Canadiens, that’s who I am, and I want to be here.” – Jake Allen

Allen is waiting for his next chance, which should come tomorrow, when the Canadiens welcome the Nashville Predators to the Bell Centre.

Cayden Primeau will be in net tonight against the Sabres in Buffalo.

With his recent performances and especially with the three-year contract extension (worth $3.15 million annually) granted to Samuel Montembeault a while back, Jake Allen seems to be increasingly considered the team’s third goaltender, given his age and contract.

He’s the man the vast majority of fans and analysts see as the man too much at the moment.

But is he really too much?

Allen, for his part, believes that the three-goal system will become increasingly popular in the NHL, and possibly the norm one day.

“I think it will gradually become the norm. There are, what, five teams that started the season with three goalies? Because of the nature of the position, I wouldn’t be surprised if that number eventually rises to eight teams. Not everyone is betting on an [Andrei] Vasilevskiy or an [Igor] Shesterkin who can play 65 games in a year.” – Jake Allen

So maybe right now, we still see such a three-goalie rotation as a problem, but one day, it’ll be more of a luxury.

There are always two or three players among the forwards and defensemen who don’t play for long periods and have to be ready, so why shouldn’t it be the same with a goalie?

In short, for the time being, the ménage à trois continues.

Let’s see how long it lasts.

To find out more, here’s an excellent article by Richard Labbé of La Presse Sports.

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