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TVA Sports: it’s time for it to end, says a former Quebecor executive

It’s been known for several years now that the TVA Sports television network is not doing very well.

The channel is losing a lot of money, which recently led to major cuts in its workforce, with more than 500 employees (31% of the workforce) being laid off, as noted by the HabsolumentFan site.

These numerous employees have suffered the repercussions of the enormous monetary losses generated by TVA Sports since its inception. Some $220 million has been lost since the channel opened.

Clearly, business is going badly, and it’s looking more and more like the end for the channel.

Speaking on Télé-Québec’s Dans Les Médias program, Denis Dubois, former vice-president of content at Québecor Media, said it was really time for things to come to an end.

Our colleagues at HabsolumentFan also reported the news.

Indeed, the former high-ranking Quebecor influencer explained that the money has to stop flowing out.

“Now it’s time for it to end, from my point of view, so that the money stops flowing out and she can be put back into the group as a whole. But she still has a two-year contract with the Canadiens.” – Denis Dubois

In the end, it was a gamble that didn’t work out, and is now seen as a huge mistake. Among other things, the gamble was made on the assumption that there would once again be an NHL team in Quebec City.

In short, the chain’s future looks very bleak, and what happens next will be no laughing matter.

TVA Sports still has two years left on its contract with the NHL and the Canadiens.

After those two years, the channel could disappear if nothing improves between now and then.

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