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8 great things Connor Bedard has done in the last 2 months
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Connor Bedard played his first game in the National Hockey League on October 10, and since then he’s been showing and proving that he’s undoubtedly a generational player.

On his debut, he immediately made his mark with an assist, five shots and a monstrous 21:29 of ice time. I remind you that the kid is only 18 years and 142 days old.

Time has flown by, number 98 is adapting at breakneck speed and has already racked up a ton of impressive stats:

– He ranks first in the NHL for jersey sales.
– He has already collected 20 points (in 24 games).
– With his 11 goals, he’s on a pace for 38, which is fabulous.
– He’s responsible for the NHL’s biggest annual increase in ticket sales.
– He was the youngest player to score four points since the quiet years.
– He leads his team in shots, goals and points.
– He ranks 7th in the NHL in 5-on-5 goals scored (tied with Pastrnak, Kucherov and Boeser).
– He’s 1-in-1 in shootouts, scoring an entire net against the excellent Juuse Saros.

It’s also worth pointing out that he came through one crazy story with flying colors, namely the wild rumors involving his mother and former teammate/mentor Corey Perry.

Jimmy Waite, who still works for the Chicago Blackhawks organization as goaltending coach, said the story was behind them. Obviously, there was no question of him giving away the details of this embarrassing situation, but he was quick to point out that it hurt the group of players.

Despite this thorn in the side of Bedard and the Hawks, the youngster showed great character by taking to the ice, fully focused on the moment. Hats off to him!

In bursts

– It’s not just in Montreal that the infirmary is overflowing.

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