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Georges Laraque criticizes the CH with a major oversight
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The highlight of the day, indeed of the last 72 hours, is without doubt the return of Sheriff Arber Xhekaj to Laval to join the Rocket. He will play his first AHL game tonight (Wednesday) against the B-Sens.

Since the move by Kent Hughes, dialogue about the matamore has been flying back and forth, and differs from place to place. Most specialists and fans are a little tickled by the Sheriff’s demotion, and Georges Laraque, like Max Lapierre, is among the outraged.

Basically, BGL doesn’t see the logic in not dressing physical players for the CH, pointing to the absences of Xhekaj and Michael Pezzetta, out of the line-up since November 26 (he played his last game on November 25, against the Kings). But has Laraque forgotten that Jayden Struble has been wearing the Flanelle uniform since November 22?

On this subject, Marc Dumont(Montreal Hockey Now) filed a tweet in retaliation to Laraque’s statement in order to gently point out this major oversight:

“He hasn’t shown it yet because he keeps things simple (and it works perfectly), but Jayden Struble is one of the strongest players in any league. Once he gets a little more comfortable, people will see what he can bring in terms of physicality.” – Dumont

Let’s not forget that on all the scouts’ reports (prior to his draft), one of his dominant assets noted by them was the following: extremely physical defenseman. Some even indicated that he would have to tone down his aggressiveness in order to maximize his performance at the professional level.

It’s worth noting that Marc Denis, in one of his columns on the “On Jase” podcast, mentioned that people inside the bleu-blanc-rouge had told him that Struble was potentially the best athlete in the entire organization, given his physical strength.

In short, he’s shy and risk-averse at the moment, but once he makes the move, he’ll certainly return to his abrasive style.

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