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The Canadian wants to play games in Paris

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The Canadian wants to play games in Paris
More and more, NHL teams are touring the world to play games.

First of all, it’s fun for the players and club members, who get to travel and discover a region elsewhere in the world.

Clubs gain international exposure, which is also important. And clearly, financially, it’s a win-win situation: otherwise, it wouldn’t happen.

For the cities that host NHL games, it’s a way of injecting millions of dollars into their reception-or is Quebec City the only one to do so?

And for the NHL, it opens up new markets.

Of course, the Canadiens are a superb marketing tool for the NHL, given the franchise’s history. And when you consider that the club would like to play in France, the NHL must be pleased.

Because yes, Geoff Molson still wants to go to Paris with his team, to play games there.

I don’t need to tell you that Paris is a French-speaking city. Sending the Canadiens, the NHL’s Francophone team, there would obviously be a hell of a publicity coup.

Still, there are questions to be asked. The first is whether the CH would play regular-season games or preseason games. Both are done in the NHL.

Then there’s the question of when.

Originally, the CH, who don’t go to Europe very often, thought they might be able to go next year. But in the end, they’ll have to wait until at least 2025-2026, two years from now. The club will be a better place in two years, after all.

The guys had better practice their French – ah pis laissez faire.

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– Ah well.

– Happy reading.

– Good listening.

– A beautiful journey.

– The Quebec goalkeeper is the talk of the town.

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