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Samuel Montembeault signs three-year contract
The deal is done.

The Montreal Canadiens have just announced a three-year contract for Quebec goaltender Samuel Montembeault. He will earn $3.15 million per season, for a total of $9.45 million.

Interestingly, the goalie was reportedly asking for around $4 million. At $3.15 million per season, the Quebecer is far from the mark, we agree.

Good for the CH.

The man who currently earns $1 million will still triple his salary and buy himself peace of mind until 2027, but I was expecting more than that, sincerely. #WentWughes

Note that he’ll earn less per year than Jake Allen and that, from 2023 to 2027, he’ll earn less than Carey Price’s average salary per year. We’re talking $10.45 M VS $10.5 M.

Details to come…

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