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Patrick Kane had not ruled out a return to Chicago (with Jonathan Toews)
Patrick Kane has chosen his new destination.

Earlier this week, we learned that the American has agreed to a one-season contract with the Detroit Red Wings. The contract is worth $2.75 million.

The veteran took some time before announcing his final decision, as he was recovering from hip surgery. He had the opportunity to talk to several teams(Kent Hughes would have been happy to welcome him to Montreal)…

And according to Scott Powers (The Athletic), Kane thought about his old loves (the Blackhawks), because he shone for so many years during his career in Chicago : .

Even though Kane left the Blackhawks last season and went to the New York Rangers in a trade, he thought there might be a chance his phone would ring again from the Blackhawks this season. – Scott Powers

The journalist pushes the point even further, saying that Kane wasn’t necessarily expecting the call from the Hawks, but that he hadn’t ruled out the possibility that he, and perhaps even Jonathan Toews, might return to Chicago:

Imagine the scenario. It would have been something…

And Connor Bedard would have been (really) well looked after in his National League debut.

At least, it would have been better than it is right now:

Jonathan Toews posted a message on his Instagram account in August to say he was leaving the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

The former team captain has decided to take a break, before returning in 2024.

But I find it hard to believe that Toews would have refused to return to the Windy City knowing that his former teammate was coming to join him.

Kane and Toews were the real deal over there, winning no less than three Stanley Cups… And the idea of playing with Bedard, who is seen as the next NHL superstar, would certainly have been a pleasant one.

The vibe would have been different in Chicago, especially since it’s not looking so good right now with the Corey Perry story…


– Of note:

– Couldn’t be worse.

– Still.

– 5-3 Panthers, with a goal from Josh Anderson. You?

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