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Marc Denis: Jayden Struble is potentially the best athlete in the CH organization

One of the Montreal Canadiens’ best stories so far this season is that of Jayden Struble.

The rugged defenseman began the campaign in the AHL with the Laval Rocket, and was recalled after 12 games because he deserved it.

Struble has played four games with the Canadiens so far, and he’s excellent. So good, in fact, that Grant McCagg wouldn’t be surprised if the player never returned to the AHL.

We know just how good Struble is, by the way. Marc Bergevin called him a “Greek god” when he drafted him in 2019, and his physique is helping him in the pros so far.

Marc Denis praised the young man today on the “On Jase” podcast… And the RDS Canadien game analyst revealed a piece of information that speaks volumes about the young man’s fitness:

There are people telling me internally that he’s potentially the best athlete in the whole organization. – Marc Denis

I invite you to fast forward to the 24th minute to hear Marc Denis’ comments:

At the NHL combine he took part in, Struble won 5 of the 18 physical events on the menu (!!).

He won the bench press, the mean power out, the standing long jump, the right hand grip and the left hand grip. Want more?

Because it doesn’t stop there.

Struble also finished 3rd in the vertical jump, as well as the squat jump. He came 4th in the no arm jump.

All this to say that Jayden Struble is a physical brute, and that’s nothing new.

It’s such an interesting asset for a young 22-year-old defenseman looking to make his mark in the National League.

Because, deep down, Struble has everything it takes to become a good NHL defenseman. The physique, the skating, the confidence…

In Brief

– Big deal in Vancouver :

– Owen Beck is looking good.

– Hehe.

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