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The company that bought La Poche Bleue is about to be sold to a Danish firm
La Poche Bleue was sold (100%) this summer to a company called Playmaker Capital Inc. the same company that bought Daily Faceoff in November 2021.

The base sale price was $2.25 million, but the amount could have climbed as high as $8.8 million, as journalist André Dubuc explained in an article for La Presse :

Playmaker is paying a consideration valued today at $8.8 million: $2.25 million in cash, 1.67 million Playmaker shares with a current value of $1.25 million, and an additional $5 million to be paid over the next two years based on the achievement of certain financial returns. – André Dubuc

It was a big sale. And the amount was impressive considering that Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre founded La Poche Bleue not (really) that long ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But today we learn from a Business Wire article that Playmaker Capital Inc. is about to be sold (final stages of sale verification) to Better Collective, a European media company from Denmark.

The fact that LPB will be – ultimately and strategically – managed in Denmark is ironic in the sense that Maxim and Guillaume’s project is to promote Quebec, but hey.

Whatever it takes.

(Credit: YouTube)
The fact that Playmaker was sold right away suggests that Lapierre and Latendresse cashiered faster than expected.

And it will be interesting to see if they keep the same formula even with the new change.

Stay tuned. However, the sale of La Poche Bleue to Playmaker Capital Inc. this summer hasn’t put a spanner in the works for the two main parties involved.

In bursts

– Really cool exercise.

– This is scary.

– Shea Theodore is injured.

– It’s a big deal.

– Hard to ask for more.

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