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Maple Leafs: only five wins in 60 minutes this season

Ah, the Toronto Maple Leafs. How nice it is for Habs fans to beat up on their Ontario rivals, isn’t it? Even when the team’s doing well, something seems to be going wrong.

Max Domi, who has no goals this season, is a good example.

Another example? Looking at the Maple Leafs’ record (11-6-3 in 20 games), it’s easy to think that things are going relatively well for Sheldon Keefe’s club.

It’s not perfect, but it’s good.

But when you take the time to analyze it all, you realize that the Toronto club has six wins obtained in overtime . There are two games in October and four in November.

The result? The club has just five wins in 60 minutes this season. That’s as many as the Sharks… and two more than the Canadiens.

Putting things into perspective? Five wins in regular time means that three times out of four, the Maple Leafs’ opponent comes away with a point. That’s huge.

It’s not as bad if there are too many games in the West in the 2023-2024 NHL, but it’s understandable.

The club may only have six regular season losses, which is good, but it means that nine out of twenty games (45% of duels) go to overtime. That’s too many.

So the Maple Leafs’ record is misleading: they’re only good once in three-on-three play or in shootouts. #ColeCaufieldEffect

We know the club needs to improve its defense, and clearly, it’s an area that needs work. When you’re scoring about 3.5 goals a game, you should be winning in 60 minutes more often than that.

Wait until the playoffs come around, question the club doing even worse.

In a gust

– Ouch.

– He’s closing in on a return.

– Still true.

– Ayoye.

– Clearly.

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