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Cayden Primeau to play tomorrow night

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Cayden Primeau to play tomorrow night

There are many disadvantages to driving with three guardians. This morning, my colleague Maxime Truman wrote a piece about the famous ménage à trois.

We know that players and coaches aren’t happy about it… but neither is management, who would no doubt like to solve the problem faster than the current pace.

Throughout the NHL, everyone knows that the CH is in this situation, we agree.

But there’s an advantage to having three goaltenders: the Habs can limit the amount of difficult travel for their goaltenders when there are two games in two nights in two different cities.

And these days, we can clearly see how it works.

While Samuel Montembeault will be on duty for the CH tonight in Columbus, we’ve learned that Cayden Primeau will be the starting goaltender tomorrow night in Montreal. Martin St-Louis confirmed Martin McGuire and Dany Dubé’s information: the American is on his way to Montreal.

The result? Tonight, he’ll sleep in his own bed at a reasonable hour. Instead of coming back in the middle of the night with his teammates, he’ll get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s game against the Panthers.

It’ll still be a tricky game for the Habs, as we pointed out this morning on the site, but at least the stopper will be in good conditions to try and win his game.

I like that: it’s good manpower management.

Taking advantage of all three goalies in this way is an effective way of maximizing the current situation. Primeau will have to respond to the big Panthers, but he’s equipped to do so.

Note that with the Montembeault/Primeau tandem expected to play two games in two nights, this will be the third time in a row that the Jake Allen – Samuel Montembeault – Cayden Primeau order has been used.

If you’ve got $2 to put down on the identity of Saturday’s goalie, put it on the guy from the Maritimes.

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