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Lane Hutson, like a basketball point guard

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Lane Hutson, like a basketball point guard
The Canadiens have a special player in Lane Hutson.

All the accolades he’s won since being selected in the 2022 draft speak for themselves.

When we talk about him, it’s never for the wrong reasons. It just seems that he does everything the right way, and that’s just as well.

His coach at Boston University, Jay Pandolfo, likes him a lot because he’s reliable in all three zones of the rink. Pandolfo calls him a “unique player” and has compared him to a basketballpoint guard because he does everything on the ice.

He runs the game, his creativity allows him to make spectacular plays and he has a great ability to get forward.

Pandolfo appeared on the Sick Podcast – The Eye Test, hosted by Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire, and in talking about the Canadian prospect, he praised his protégé’s uncommon desire to win.

He’s competitive and does everything he can to become the best player he can be:

It’s impressive how competitive he is. Every Monday morning, he comes to our offices to study the weekend’s games. That’s how involved he is. – Jay Pandolfo

That’s the mentality of a player who will do anything to become the best player he can be. And not all players are prepared to make these sacrifices in order to improve.

Hutson knows he has to work harder than others because of his small stature, and his efforts are rewarded on the ice. And if he keeps the same mindset, chances are he’ll have a great NHL career.

In Montreal, fans have always appreciated players who work hard and give their all for the logo on the front of their jerseys. We don’t know much about him, but Lane Hutson seems to fit into that category, even if he’s not the fattest player in existence…

All in all, it’s another positive aspect to add to his long list of qualities.

In brief

– Reinforcement for the Rocket.

– Big story in the NBA.

– Yeah. The playoffs are coming, after all.

– Makes sense.

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