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Air Canada: the Canadian joins forces with a company that does not respect the French language

Yesterday, the Canadiens announced a partnership with Air Canada. The company’s logo is now displayed on the CH’s white jersey, for games away from home.

I’m not here to criticize the CH for desecrating the jersey. In my eyes, it’s money easily made, and it doesn’t change the show on the ice as such. It’s the right thing to do.

And besides, even though there’s a maple leaf on the Flanelle sweater, the colors blend in better than what you see with RBC on the home sweater. It doesn’t look like the jerseys in Europe, let’s say.

But even so, there’s a negative side. Why is that? Because Air Canada doesn’t have the best of reputations with Francophones… and the timing of the announcement could hardly be worse.

As you know, Air Canada doesn’t have the best of reputations with Quebecers, who have trouble getting service in French. Complaints against the company are not uncommon.

That’s why, as reported by journalist Olivier Faucher (JdeM), there’s so much criticism of the Canadian. Jean-Paul Perreault, president of Impératif français, is among those who have spoken out.

This agreement is an affront. It’s a slap in the face to Quebec and the French-speaking world. – Jean-Paul Perreault, President of Impératif français

As the Journal de Montréal journalist points out, Canadian was created in 1909 to give French-Canadians an option. Partnering with Air Canada, which is incapable of serving its customers in French, is counter-productive.

It was done because the company had the best offer,” says Ray Lalonde.

Note that last year, Air Canada was the target of 276 complaints to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages. You’ d think they wouldn’t be 276 complaints filed by Anglophones, would you?

Maurice Richard’s club therefore finds itself in a precarious situation. After all, the announcement isn’t exactly great for Francophones… but it’s also bad timing.

With the Alouettes emphasizing the Franco fact and Marc-Antoine Dequoy’s exit, let’s just say that the CH association is not headed in the same direction.

And that’s without mentioning the death of Karl Tremblay, which brings out the Québécois in everyone.

The first advert (RBC) on the home jersey caused a stir because it was the first advert on a Habs game jersey. This time, it’s because of everything I’ve just said. #Language

Finally, let’s remember that the company – which employs a CEO (Michael Rousseau) who isn’t exactly the best friend of French-speaking Quebecers – had also been the target of Juraj Slafkovsky earlier in 2023. He didn’t like their services.

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