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Contest: DansLesCoulisses will send two people to Ottawa to see Connor Bedard

Greetings to all our readers this morning… especially those who are currently trying to balance their jobs as parents and workers due to the pandemic COVID-19 teachers’ strike.

If I were a Hindu, I think I’d recite a prayer – or attend pujas – to ensure that this conflict doesn’t last too long: young people are already scarred by the long months of distance learning (or not learning at all) and any conflict that were to drag on would only result in losers.

But then, I’m not here to talk about education, negotiations between the government and the common front of unions, or the shortcomings of Quebec society. I’m here to offer you the chance to see none other than Connor Bedard in Ottawa on March 28. It’s a lot more fun for you.

“How are you going to do it, Max?

Well, it’s simple. DansLesCoulisses, BPM Sports, BetGRW and the Superpools – by the way, have you signed up for our SuperPoolHockey? – have just launched a super free contest:

Enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Blackhawks vs. Senators game (March 28, 2024), transportation(round-trip train) to Ottawa, hotel(The Metcalfe, one of the top-rated hotels in the entire Ottawa region) and spending money for your stay in the nation’s capital by registering via the following link:


We’ll announce the winner in early 2024.

Note that you can also invite your friends to take part in the contest… and that each person who registers following your invitation gives you five extra chances to win. In just a few minutes, you can increase your chances sixfold!

Good luck!

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