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McDonald’s unveils new Cole Caufield commercial

Two years ago, Cole Caufield first teamed up with McDonald’s for a commercial. Then, last year, the Canadian forward did it again in a splashy ad for McCroustillant.

Clearly, the company was onto something. Partnering with the Canadiens’ prolific scorer and crowd favorite must help sell burgers.

And this year, McDo repeated the experiment for the third year in a row. Three’s a crowd, as they say.

We see Cole Caufield back in a much simpler ad than last year, but one that still manages to make us feel like we’re in Quebec.

And why? Because Guy Nadon narrates (as is often the case), but also because Claude Legault is there.

The idea of bringing Claude Legault along was a good one, since he’s often involved in Quebec Maple ads, and Caufield was presenting a Maple BBQ Quarter Pounder with bacon.

So we see Claude Legault visibly welcoming Caufield into his home (he wonders why) to present the burger in question… all the while wondering why he isn’t the one presenting the whole thing.

Why not? Because normally, when it comes to maple, it’s the actor who gets the call.

When Claude Legault asks to try the burger, he’s told he can… at any participating McDonald’s for a limited time. And that’s how the ad ends.

Note that the interactions in the ad mainly concern the two Quebecers, Guy Nadon and Claude Legault. Cole Caufield says hello at first, but never speaks again.

He did say a word in French, but not in English.

Until we have proof to the contrary, let’s assume that Caufield will also be back in the pubs next year. Could Marc-Antoine Dequoy also be a good choice, eventually?

In gusto

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– To be continued.

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