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Charges against Milan Lucic could earn him two and a half years in prison
A bombshell hit the NHL and the Bruins in the last few days when news broke that Milan Lucic had been arrested.

For the record, the police went to his home because of a domestic altercation.

His wife claims that he tried to strangle her, and according to a Boston Police Department report released this morning, Lucic appeared to be intoxicated when police arrived at his home.

Also according to the police reminder, Lucic was arrested on suspicion of assault on a family member, punishable by a maximum sentence of two and a half years in prison (if convicted).

He is expected to appear in Boston Municipal Court tomorrow (Tuesday), as we read in a text from The Athletic:

It’s a huge story.

If Lucic is found guilty, the NHL will have to act quickly.

It will have to take steps to ensure that Lucic never plays in the National League again, because such actions have no place in the world of sports.

They have no place in life in general either, we agree on that.

Lucic has been sidelined by injury since October 21 and has played just four games so far this season. His return to Boston is not going as he had hoped, as he wanted to end his career on a high note with the club that drafted him almost 20 years ago, in 2006.

My only hope in all this is that Lucic will be able to get the help he needs.

That’s what’s important at the end of the day.

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– At least we won’t have to go to bed in the wee hours of the morning all week.

– The guys need to give more effort.

– I’m so proud!

– It starts young.

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