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NFL reporter admits to making up stories on live TV

If I tell you about Charissa Thompson, you’ll probably wonder who I’m talking about.

Charissa Thompson is an American journalist who has already had the opportunity to work on the sidelines at NFL games. It’s a bit like what Marc Denis and Renaud Lavoie do at Montreal Canadiens games.

She’s now an analyst for Fox Sports and also works for Amazon Prime as the host of the “studio” show for Thursday night games, but that’s not the important part of the story.

Her job, previously, was to gather coaches’ comments when NFL teams returned to the locker room after the first half. And the problem is, she recently confessed to making up interviews (and answers) with coaches, as Meeker Guerrier explained on 98.5 .

When she couldn’t talk to the coaches for X reason, she would say anything related to the team’s performance. She would use match statistics to make up “logical” comments about a club’s performance:

Her explanation was, I wasn’t making anything up that the coach might have contradicted. – Meeker Guerrier


For her, it doesn’t matter because she “never lied” and because she “respected” the ethical code of journalism:

Not good. And the worst part is that she has the nerve to defend herself by talking nonsense.

What’s happening right now is that journalists’ credibility is being affected by all this. And that’s serious.

I wonder if her bosses will decide to act accordingly, because it’s all over the social networks right now.

Imagine if Renaud Lavoie or Marc Denis did the same, making up lies on live TV during Montreal Canadiens games. There’d be a lot of talk, and with good reason.

In the end, it’s simply unacceptable.


– Right on target.

– The young man is making himself at home in Washington.

– Still.

– It’s good for his confidence.

– No more complicated than that.

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