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Gerry Fleming: David Reinbacher’s trainer loses his job

Yesterday, my colleague Raphael Simard talked about the fact that David Reinbacher hadn’t had the greatest game of his life.

The Habs prospect, who hasn’t been firing on all cylinders since his return to action, looked out of sorts on a late play, which opened the door to a goal in an empty net by his opponents.

But let’s just say that on this Sunday morning (or afternoon in Europe), it’s not Reinbacher who should be feeling the worst. After all, he’s still got his job.

Why do I say this?

Because, following Kloten’s setback, the club’s management decided to let go of Gerry Fleming, who had been at the helm for just a few months.

The team’s poor start to the season proved to be his undoing.

We knew Kloten didn’t have what it takes to put together an NAL powerhouse, but their record of seven wins in just 23 games has left its mark.

It’s not great.

GM Larry Mitchell has likely made the decision to replace Gerry Fleming. Mitchell himself will take his place behind the bench – on an interim basis.

I can’t wait to see if he finishes the season that way.

His first goal will be to get the club off the bottom. At the moment, David Reinbacher’s team is 13th – out of 14 – in the league standings. That’s not great, and it’s a tall order for the club led by top prospect Nathan Beaulieu.

Do you think the CH is still happy to have sent its top prospect to Europe? That’s a real question.


Fleming is a Quebecer who has already played for the Habs. He was taking his first steps in Europe after many years as a head coach on the other side of the ocean.

I don’t know how often he had the chance to talk about Montreal with David Reinbacher. Let’s hope the Canadiens’ young hopeful had enough to ask questions.

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