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New information: Milan Lucic allegedly strangled his wife

This morning we learned that Milan Lucic was arrested yesterday in connection with a domestic altercation. And clearly, it’s not the kind of news that’s pleasant to read.

Quite the contrary, in fact.

The Bruins player, who is currently away from the club, knows that all public attention is focused on him. If the allegations against him are true, he may never play in the NHL again.

After all, his contract is small and the Bruins may have to/want to part with him. With a little willpower, it’s easy to think that he’s played his last game in the Bettman circuit.

But in the meantime, we need to get to the bottom of what happened. And to that end, we’ve learned some disturbing new details from journalist Tiffany Chan (who works for WBZ).

According to the reporter’s sources, Lucic’s wife called 911 to say she had been attacked by her husband. Lucic also allegedly strangled his wife.

According to the journalist’s sources, the Bruins player (he’s still a Bruins player, last time I checked) was probably drunk when the police arrived on the scene.

This led to the arrest of the player, whose mug shot was posted on social networks.

If Lucic’s allegations are true, the NHL will have to take action to make sure he doesn’t get any more room. Not only are these actions unacceptable, but it should send a message to others who might want to do the same.

The most important thing right now is to protect the Lucic family.


It reminds me of the Slava Voynov case. The defenseman was convicted of domestic violence (in front of witnesses) a few years ago and served time in prison in the United States.

The defenseman never returned to the NHL… even though there was interest – notably from the Canadiens – in his services. He headed for the KHL as a result.

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