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Oilers interested in three Canadiens goalies

Whether Jay Woodcroft is on the job or not, the problem persists in Edmonton: the goalies aren’t up to the task.

Again today, the Oilers’ ex officio goaltender, Stuart Skinner, was horrible. He allowed five goals on 23 shots. Since the start of the season, here’s what his stats look like:

(Credit: Hockeydb )

Even with four goals, Edmonton lost because they allowed six…

This situation is far from ideal, and if the Oilers aspire to reach the top, the acquisition of a quality goaltender becomes imperative. Jake Allen interested the Oilers this summer, and according to Elliotte Friedman, the team is still interested in the goalie.

In fact, Ken Holland is interested in all three of the team’s goalkeepers. That’s what the tipster, who has linked Allen to the Oilers in the past, mentioned at intermission.

Although the debate surrounding the three-goal rotation has been going on for some time, Kent Hughes is aware that the practice must come to an end.

The general manager needs to be proactive, and if his counterpart in Edmonton finds himself in a desperate situation, it could be to his benefit.

However, as Friedman points out, the Alberta club will not make a deal out of desperation. There’s still plenty of time left in the season, and Connor McDavid’s team certainly doesn’t want to regret a trade.


The Oilers are interested in all three Tricolore goalies, but which one is most likely to leave? For my money, the answer is Jake Allen. We can’t dismiss Cayden Primeau from the conversation too quickly, though I don’t think he’d do a better job than Stuart Skinner and Jack Campbell.

Allen, as a veteran with a solid contract for the next two years, represents a reliable option, despite the ups and downs since the start of the season.

In my opinion, Samuel Montembeault isn’t going anywhere, and with his contract imminent (?), I don’t see Hughes trading him… unless he gets an offer he can’t refuse. At 27, the Quebecer represents the team’s future.

And for Primeau, Edmonton will be watching the waivers, most likely. And with its waivers priority high enough, we’ll have to keep an eye on the lineup. I don’t think the American will go through that stage, though. We know there areseveral teams interested, but they don’t necessarily have a higher priority than the Oilers.

And let’s not forget that the Montreal GM doesn’t want to lose his goalie for nothing.

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