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Forgotten jerseys: a team borrows an opponent’s practice jerseys for a game
A rather exceptional scene occurred last night in the ECHL.

The Kalamazoo Wings were visiting Toledo to take on the Walleye. You may be wondering why I’m telling you about this game?

Because the Wings forgot their game jerseys in Kalamazoo and didn’t have a second jersey. Faced with this unexpected situation, the Walleye generously loaned their practice jerseys to the opponents.

It must be really special to wear your opponents’ logo.

I know an equipment manager who is in trouble….

Seriously, mistakes happen, but forgetting team game jerseys on a trip isn’t very strong. It’s THE piece of equipment you don’t want to forget.

At least the Wings finished the game with their own jerseys, which arrived in time for the end of the game.

As you can see in the video below, Kalamazoo had jerseys with its own logo on this goal.

However, the club lost 4-2.

Also in connection with a jersey controversy, before their game last night against the Suns (NBA), players from the Utah Jazz arrived wearing a Kraken jersey. So far, so normal.

However, here’s the rub: these jerseys have yet to be officially unveiled.

The same issue was raised in the photo below: the Golden Knights and Kraken jerseys, scheduled for the Winter Classic, were unveiled by unexpected sources.

What do you think? The Kraken’s is passable, but the Vegas one is truly horrible, in my opinion…

In gusts

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– Joel Armia is another player in the LAH.

– In French (by halves).

– The Lions don’t lose.

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