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Kings subsidies: CAQ MPs “understand” criticism
For a while, the government subsidies granted to the Los Angeles Kings to come and play in Quebec City will continue to be the talk of the town (and rightly so).

After all, it’s with taxpayers’ money that we’re going to allow an already-rich club to come and play here. Let’s not forget that the CH, the club representing the province, wanted to come and play for free

It’s beyond comprehension, even if Los Angeles would have shown interest earlier.

The Caquistes have good intentions with this subsidy. They want to remind the NHL that Quebec City has a relatively new $400 million amphitheatre, ready to host a professional hockey team.

That’s what the Minister of Education and MNA for Lévis, Bernard Drainville, said. His comments were published in a text by Caroline Plante on La Presse.

The reason we made this decision is that we wanted to send a signal to the National League. – Bernard Drainville

Bernard Drainville is well aware that the timing wasn’t ideal. Do you think so?

And on that note, Enrico Ciccone reminded the MP that the first person to convince is Geoff Molson.

After all, yes, the Canadiens’ owner has publicly campaigned for the Nordiques’ return in recent years, but internally, it may be a different story. It’s not necessarily in his interest to divide his territory.

The government dropped the ball on this one. Teachers, who educate the next taxpayers and voters and are demanding more money, are on strike all over the province, and the Caquistes have decided to announce a huge subsidy for a professional team.

Ah, and it must be said that Finance Minister Eric Girard announced the subsidy a week after declaring that Quebec’s financial framework was “tight” and that the next six months would be difficult.

The timing is indeed laborious.

His colleague Yannick Gagnon (MNA for Jonquière) echoed his comments, saying that no, the timing isn’t perfect. In fact, he’s been receiving calls from disgruntled constituents.

I don’t see how the CAQ will be able to explain this decision. But hey, they can try…

In a row

– Not ideal.

– Did you know? Michael Pezzetta speaks better French than Italian.

All Cowboys Fringants songs tonight at the Bell Centre? In any case, the CH is preparing a little something. [98,5]

– A game to keep an eye on close to home.

– Another strong game for Matvei Michkov.

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